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Marketing Lessons from the 2016 Presidential Election Cycle

Marketing Lessons from the 2016 Presidential Election Cycle

It's Over! The 2016 election is finally over...

No matter what side of the fence you were on, we can probably all agree that we're glad it's over! It was a long road...

There are LOTS of marketing lessons to take from the campaign (both sides):

1. Target the right audience.
Each side absolutely KNEW who they were talking to. There was never any confusion on who the audience was. Because of that, messaging was laser targeted and on point.

2. Social media IS a valid marketing tool.
The debate about whether social media is an actual marketing tool is finally settled with one caveat. You need to have the authority or social clout. So it does make sense to invest in becoming a thought leader and influencer in your market.

3. Email is NOT dead.
We've heard this a million times too. But email played a huge role in this campaign from every candidate for fundraising, getting out to vote, etc. The only problem: Much of what we all received "might" be considered by spam by many of us, but it was protected under the first amendment. Our marketing messages are not!

4. KISS: Keep It Simple Stupid!
Keep your message simple. Don't overcomplicate it and stick to the headlines and sound bites. Going deep into details is going to confuse your audience and a confused mind says No!

5. Leverage the Media.
Sure, you may need get the exposure of Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, but any free media exposure helps. Find ways to get in front of the media to promote your message, your brand and your business.

There will likely be text books written on this election and there is a lot to learn, but for now... we can get a lot of great marketing education by looking at BOTH candidates, how they ran their races, how they got their messages out, and how the country handles it all moving forward.


For over a decade Heather Seitz used email marketing to build successful companies and had to solve the biggest barrier to consistent profitability: deliverability.  Today she is the Co-Founder and CEO of Email Delivered.

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