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Email Reputation Management

Email reputation is the single biggest factor when it comes to high deliverability rates (and inbox placement rates).

There are several sources that “score” your email reputation, similar to credit reporting agencies for your personal credit history. And just like your credit score, the better your email reputation is, the better your delivery rates are.

Email Delivered helps manage your reputation by monitoring your “scores” on both your sending domain and your IP address(es).

Your overall email reputation is determined by several factors including:

  • Subscriber complaints
  • Volume of bad/nonexistent addresses
  • Infrastructure
  • Whether or not you’re mailing to spam traps
  • Domain reputation
  • Sending history

Email Delivered works with you to correct any problems that are impacting your email reputation.

In addition, we work with the ISPs on your behalf to resolve blocks that do arise due to your sending domain or your IP address(es) that are covered under your Email Delivered package.

To learn more about how Email Delivered can help manage your email reputation, click here.

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