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EmailDelivered offers a variety of solutions custom tailored to your specific business requirements. We provide
the tools and resource that your team and your business need to maximize the ROI on your email marketing.

High Volume Sending

EmailDelivered can provide your company with scalable solutions to meet your sending demand. We offer both hosted solutions as well as well as SMTP relay servers. Our servers are reliable, redundant and secure, offering top speeds and performance.

Proactive Notifications

We believe that you’re entitled to know what’s going on with your email at all times. Each and every week, you get a status report letting you know exactly what’s going on with your email program. A deliverability specialist reviews your account daily in order to detect any blocks by the ISPs.

Maximum Deliverability

Every client receives a unique, dedicated, IP address and return path domain to protect and insulate your emails from other senders. Our team of experts has decades of combined experience in working with ISPs, resolving deliverability problems quickly, and ensuring that your emails make it to your recipients’ inboxes. We stay on top of any changes in the industry and keep our customers in the know at all times.

Consulting Services

Our email marketing and technology experts are available to help you increase your ROI and improve your email programs. We ofer a range of consulting services from basic infrastructure analysis and basic campaign design to comprehensive email strategy development and implementation. Our campaign specialists have first hand experience running multi-million dollar email programs dating back to the early 2000s.

Analytics & Reporting

Get detailed reports on-demand regarding deliverability, bounces, ISP-related issues, and more in your client dashboard. You can also review domain and IP reputation and sending volumes.

Feedback Loops & Whitelisting

Our team will handle all feedback loop setup and processing and submit whitelisting requests where available.

Account Management

All of our clients have several team members dedicated to their account. This ensures that you have a live person at every turn that is keeping a watchful eye on your email program. From our deliverability experts to our customer advocates, it is our goal to provide you with white glove service from start to finish.

Blacklist Monitoring & Escalation

There are a number of factors that cause your sending domains or IP addresses to land on dreaded “blacklists.” Our team of experts works to resolve any issues quickly and efficiently on your behalf. We take immediate and proactive action, notifying upon detection and resolution of any issues.

Request A Demo/Consultation

Do you have questions for us? Do you want to schedule a complimentary consulting call (we promise this is NOT a veiled sales pitch)
or do you want to see a live demonstration? Call us at (512) 981-5413 or complete the form below.

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