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Bounce Email Processor

With the EmailDelivered Bounce Parser, you can see EXACTLY what’s going on with your emails, where the issues are, and what you can do to correct problems, if necessary.

The first metric in any email program is email deliverability. Email deliverability is calculated by dividing the number of emails sent by the number of emails that were “bounced”, or rejected by the ISP for any number of reasons.

Bounce email

For example, if you sent out 10,000 emails and 2000 messages “bounced”, your deliverability rate would be 80%.

Every other metric is dependent upon whether or not the message actually gets accepted by the ISP (that’s Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.).

The EmailDelivered Bounce Parser gives you precise reporting (our team is in the system each and every day and when an ISP changes a rule, we update it immediately). By having the right information, you can decide what email addresses you should keep and what email addresses you should be removing.

For instance, you can choose to remove all bad addresses daily (recommended), but full mailboxes only after 3 failed attempts in a 7 day period.

You can see exactly WHY your emails are bouncing, such as issues related to “message content” or whether there’s a problem with one of your IP addresses. You can then take necessary action.

You’ll finally have the REAL information when it comes to what’s going on with your email at all times.

To learn how this affects your current mail situation:

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