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sell like crazy in your email marketing How can story be applied to marketing?  While telling good stories can be more art than science, the good news is that there are familiar story archetypes that can be adapted to your email marketing. Here are 7 ways.


multi-part mail sequences to increase conversions Using multi-part email sequences will allow you to attract and hold subscribers’ attention till you make your offer. This increases opens and therefore, the likelihood that your subscribers will buy. Here are tips.


email newsletter can increase engagement and ROI If you don’t have a weekly email newsletter then now is the time to get started. Starting a weekly email newsletter can be easier than you may think. Map out a couple week’s content in advance if possible and and then get started.  You will most likely be pleasantly surprised by the results.


build credibility-trust You can systematize a trust building sequence that maximizes the number of people on your list who know, like and trust you so that your promotions have the highest chance of success.  Here are 7 strategies to build trust and credibility with your list.


How to Use Email Marketing to Sell without Being SalesyIt is a limiting belief to say selling as inherently bad or negative, some methods of selling are better than others if you prefer a low-key style.  The good news is that email marketing is the perfect medium for a low-key selling style, as you’re about to see. Here are 5 ways to use email marketing to sell without being too ‘salesy’

Subscribers tell you what they want ppt

When you know what your subscriber is interested in due to the context of action, that is the best time to respond.  Interest and timing intersect. Here are 7 strategies that leverage automated funnels that are triggered by subscriber actions.

There is a real niche for the affiliate email marketer who offers value over and above what the competition is doing. There are 7 ways to use your email marketing to crush your competition and bring in consistent revenue from affiliate marketing.

moblie friendly email marketing

5 things you should be aware of when creating a mobile friendly email marketing: design, readability, link placement, page design and funnel design. Follow our tips and get an edge over your competition.

HTML vs Text

Although text email is known for its simplicity in design and is fast to load, you won’t be able to track what your subscriber does. There are pros and cons for using either HTML or text email.

warming  up a cold list

When you stop connecting with your subscribers, they will eventually turn to your competitors. Make sure that you can keep whatever commitment you are making. Here are 7 steps to warm up a cold list.

email copywriting slidesHaving trouble thinking of what to write in an email copy? Ask yourself ‘why should my subscriber care about what I’m promoting? what are they missing out on if they don’t buy my product?’ Answering these questions in your copy will help you and your subscribers! What else should you do while writing email copy? Read these tips and find out.

email split testingOne good way of getting feedback from your subscribers is by way of survey. Surveys can give you an idea of what your subscribers think, but at times people’s say one thing but do another. This is the reason why you have to test.

customer segmentationThere is a big difference between someone who bought one entry level product from you 5 years ago and never purchased again, and someone who has brought all your products. The point of customer segmentation is to be able to send different campaigns to these customers to maximize engagement and profits.

email subject linesIt is possible to trick people to opening your emails because of your subject line but if there is no real value inside, eventually subscribers tune out, unsubscribe or worse, hit the “report as spam” button. We have 7 subject line templates that you can use to inspire you to write subject lines that get emails opened.

email campaign series

We know you’re excited to send out your email campaigns to your subscribers when you get them on a list so you can start making money. But first and foremost, you need to send them a welcome email campaign, this way you can build a relationship with them before asking for their money.

Email list building tips

Email marketing offers a huge opportunity but it is critical to realize that building an email list all starts with that first impression. No matter how competitive and challenging your niche is, you can establish a strong and favorable relationship with new subscribers, if you deliver on your promise. .

Email Metrics

Do you think the open rates are the number one thing to track in your email marketing campaign? You might want to think again. Here are 9 mail marketing statistics to look at, and how they really relate to your email campaign.

Gmail inbox

Gmail has been the focus of a lot of email marketers since they changed their user experience from a single inbox interface to a tabbed inbox. Previously marketers were worried about always landing in the spam box, now they're worried about getting in the right tab. You have to remember, Gmail isn't just an email service, it's a gatekeeper with significant power to determine where your emails land.

Unsubscribe Process

No body really wants people to opt-out of their list right? But wouldn't you rather have that then someone marking your email as spam? The best way to have your subscribers opt-out instead of sending you to spam is by optimizing your unsubscribe process. Some of the most common unsubscribe practices include one click unsubscribe, manage subscriptions page, unsubscribe page, and email unsubscribe. No matter what you use, one thing is key. Do Not Play Games With the Unsubscribe Process! 

email marketing optin

Single Opt-in vs. Double Opt-in has been the debate for as long as I can remember when it comes to list building and email marketing. The email service provider always wants the double opt-in for better list quality, few complaints & spam traps, etc. The email marketer feels they are losing out on valid subscribers if they use double opt-in since a certain percentage won't ever click the confirmation button. So the battle rages on...

Email Deliverability Myths

When it comes to email marketing, email deliverability in particular, there is a lot of misinformation floating around out there. Some of this is simply due to the fact that email is a moving target. As soon as you think you've got it figured out, the ISPs(i.e. Gmail, Hotmail/Outlook, etc.) change the game. There's also a vested interest on the part of many email service providers to perpetuate some of these myths for personal gain. So let's debunk some of these myths!

email marketing, email opens, email inbox

Email can be the most powerful, profitable, and inexpensive marketing tool out there, but the problem is that all of your competitors know this too. And with the amount of emails people get these days your message can easily go unopened, or even to spam. The goal is to get your emails opened right from the moment the subscribers sees it, and there are five steps to get that done. First, regard your subscribers as people instead of wallets, second, make your promotions help solve problems, third, make your email feel like content but also encourage a sale, fourth, write your emails so YOU would open them, and lastly, stay in touch.

affiliate email promotions

Different types of affiliate promotions have different quality. The best to use is the personalized endorsement. It is a product that you truly do endorse and use, and you can tell your subscribers all about it. Next is product launches. Because so many people use these the launch URLs are more likely to end up on blacklists, do try to using an intermediary page with a personal message from you, and why they should buy the product. Lastly is straight up affiliate promotion from an affiliate network. These are the worst type to use, and many of their URLs are banned from the major ISPs, so the URLs can cause problems with deliverability.


One reason email marketers are not profitable is because it is so low cost, for example, a lot of companies don’t bother deleting their campaigns that aren’t converting. Don’t be that person. Here are 7 easy steps to boost your campaign conversion.

spam complaints

A complaint is when a subscribers sends your email to the spam box, instead of unsubscribing from your list. If this happens frequently, your reputation will be negatively affected. Thankfully, there are simple things you can do to reduce your complaints.

email reputation

ISPs are shifting more to the domain the just looking at the IP. Usually there is an underlying issue that needs to be resolved before changing your email program and getting a new domain and IPs.

email content, inbox placement

A primary factor in inbox placement is content. There are a handful of things to look at that could be impacting deliverability rates, and more specifically, inbox placement.

email inbox

Everyone has emails that get sent to spam every once in a while, but if this happens a lot then there is something wrong. Here are the steps and tests to take to make sure your email isn’t going to spam.

affiliate email marketing

Complaints almost always increase when doing affiliate email launch promotions. It is VERY important to watch your metrics closely when you’re participating in affiliate email marketing.

easons not to buy an email list

Buying an email list might sound like a good idea, but it’s really not, and it could cost you big time. There are lots of less expensive and more effective ways to build a bigger list.

why is my email going to spam

Email messages can end up in the spam folder because of infrastructure issues, sender reputation, and content. Spam filtering is also a big piece of the puzzle. To fix the problem it may take only fixing one thing, or you might have to modify a lot.


Every year people get smarter, technology get better, and things change. Here are something you should be doing in 2014 if you’re already not.. Develop a mobile strategy, implement a re-engagement strategy, adapt to filtering, get targeted on your messages, and lastly, remember, content is key. This will get you to the top of your game in the emailing world.

spam traps 101

You'll want to be careful when it comes to spam traps in your email program. This PPT slide show will teach you about the different kinds of spam traps, what spam traps are, and how they impact your sending reputation as an emailer. You'll also learn the 3 main types of traps and which are the most dangerous... and should be taken very seriously.


Spam complaints could indicate the amount of engagement you get from your subscribers. With that and the complex algorithms that the ISPs are making use of, it is of utmost importance that you monitor these spam complaints and tweak your email program accordingly. This PPT slide show will show you how to reduce your spam complaints.


Considering that your IP reputation is at its ideal level, increasing your response rates boils down to improving your email engagement. In this PPT slide show, you will learn the seven simple steps you could take to improve your email engagement, which will ultimately translate to increased response rates.


Email Reputation is an indication of the state of your email practices. This is usually measured with the use of your “Sender Score." Achieving and maintaining a sender score of at least 90 is the most ideal. This PPT slide show will show you how to achieve this and how to obtain the email deliverability results you want through the management of your email reputation.


To achieve the best level of email deliverability, you should also see to it that you manage you email list. This means warming up new ISPs, deciding whether you should or shouldn't buy email lists, processing bounces, and much more. In this PPT slide show, we covered the key things you should do to manage your email list.


It is important to constantly evaluate your content and messaging. This PPT slide show will show you that your email campaigns all boil down to content. To achieve positive email deliverability results, remember to set clear expectations with your subscribers, test your content and timing, and review, evaluate, and modify your email sending habits accordingly.


The Can-Spam Act manages commercial emails by establishing strict guidelines on how these emails are sent out. In this PPS slide show, we will give you a guide to make sure that you are in compliance to the Can-Spam Act to help you avoid unfavorable penalties.

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