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Bounce Parser

With the EmailDelivered Bounce Parser, you can see EXACTLY what’s going on with your emails, where the issues are, and what you can do to correct problems, if necessary. The first metric in any email program is email deliverability. Email deliverability is calculated by dividing the number of emails sent by the number of emails that were “bounced” Read More.

Reputation Management

Email reputation is the single biggest factor when it comes to high deliverability rates (and inbox placement rates). There are several sources that “score” your email reputation, similar to credit reporting agencies for your personal credit history. And just like your credit score Read More.

IP Reputation Monitor

If your IP reputation is bad, the rest of your email deliverability efforts are a waste of time and resources! Your emails WON’T get delivered if you don’t fix your IP reputation first. PERIOD! NOTE: This is one of the biggest reasons emails get blocked from ISPs. Read More.

Domain Monitor

In the past, it was enough to pay attention to only the IP reputation. However, as spammers got more sophisticated, ISPs had to get more sophisticated to determine what messages their customers actually WANT to receive. So, in addition to IP reputation, ISPs Read More.

Spam Checker

Use the Spam Checker to eliminate the spam triggers that cause your messages to end up in the junk folder or — even worse — cause the ISPs to COMPLETELY block your emails. There are 3 main reasons why your email messages get blocked: (1) IP address (2) Domain name or URL (in the message content or headers) (3) Content. Read More.

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