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Use the Spam Checker to eliminate the spam triggers that cause your messages to end up in the junk folder or — even worse — cause the ISPs to COMPLETELY block your emails.

There are 3 main reasons why your email messages get blocked:

  1. IP address
  2. Domain name or URL (in the message content or headers)
  3. Content.

Content is the easiest to control and by properly testing your messages in advance, you can reduce the chances your email messages get blocked for content, or appear spammy.
It’s important to use some sort of spam checker (whether it be SpamAssassin, Cloudmark, Barracuda, or another) PRIOR to sending them to make sure that message content is not the culprit. This will give you the first line of defense in getting past the junk folders.

NOTE: Most of the ISPs have far more sophisticated filters. Just because you get a “low” spam score in one of the 3rd party solutions, doesn’t mean that the ISPs won’t still filter your email due to message content.

HOWEVER, if your message content flags spam checkers like SpamAssassin, for example, then it’s almost a guarantee that the more sophisticated filters will flag your content.

  • The Email Delivered Spam Checker lets you prescreen your emails to identify potential triggers that may get your email dumped into spam folders.
  • Getting your emails TO your subscribers (deliverability) is step 1. Getting your emails to the INBOX is step 2!
  • “Tricking” the spam filters with things like: “FR.E.E” or “Muney” can get you blacklisted instantly (and kill your credibility with your subscribers).
  • Use the custom email address to instantly test each message before you send it by sending a test message to our system.
  • You’ll instantly receive a feedback report via email so that you can fix any issues before sending your message.

To begin using the Email Delivered Spam Checker, click here.

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