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email copywriting videoYour email copy can make or break your email campaign. If you don’t have a solid copy with clear objectives and value to your subscriber, you message probably won’t do what you want it to. Here are 10 tips to writing effective email copy.

split testing You might think that email marketing is so low cost that you don’t need to test, you can just create another campaign if things aren’t going well. But you’re forgetting about the opportunity cost- the potential lack of sales due to not testing.

customer segmentation videoThe first step in customer segmentation is to create separate lists that allow you to sort your subscribers by interest and the various stages of your relationship with them. This way you can send more tailored messages to each of your lists,instead of a broad email to the whole list.

email subject lines videoToo many marketers write subject lines that are full of hype, or even deceptive, in an effort to get the most amount of opens. We do not suggest doing this. While opens are nice, getting clicks that lead to sales are more important. Here are 7 subject line templates that you can use to get your subscribers to open your emails and read your copy.

email campaignvideoIt’s important to realize that if a subscriber is on your list, they are probably on other lists too. Your welcome email campaign to them is going to be some of the most important emails so that you can build a strong relationship with the customer.
Here are 7 steps to building the best welcome email campaign to insure you have a trusting, profitable relationship with your list.

Email-List-Building-VideoIt may seem like building an opt-in list from scratch is the most dunting task every, but it’s absolutely necessary. When you build a list correctly, you’ll have a captive audience ready to hear what you have to say. Remember, you have to offer real perceived value for someone to opt-in. We think the best way to build an opt-in list is can be done in 5 steps.

Email-Metrics-VideoEmail metrics are important when you're trying to measure the effectiveness of your email campaign and to identify when problems happen. But when  you have too much information, measuring the wrong things can waste time, yield inaccurate results, and hurt your bottom line.  This is especially true in email marketing. Here are 9 email marketing metrics to look at and how you can use them and what their strengths and limitations can be.

Gmail InboxLast year, Gmail rolled out the ‘Tabbed Inbox’. This put many marketers are at risk of having their email campaigns being totally ignored. This fear was largely blown out of proportion as marketers realized a relatively insignificant change in their email program. There are a few simple steps to adapt to how Gmail delivers mail. These steps may actually increase your response rates and get you delivered to the right Gmail inbox. If you don't make changes to your email marketing style, you run the risk of having your response rate drop significantly with Gmail (and other providers as well).

Unsubscribe ProcessNo one likes to see subscribers leave the list, but it is much better for them to opt-out the correct way then to hit the spam button.  There are multiple ways to handle unsubscribes requests, such as the one click unsubscribe, manage subscriptions page, unsubscribe page, and email unsubscribe. Which ever way you choose, just remember to never play games with the unsubscribe process or your subscribers WILL hit the spam button. 

email marketing opt-inSingle Opt-in vs. Double Opt-in has been the debate for as long as I can remember when it comes to list building and email marketing. The email service provider always wants the double opt-in for better list quality, few complaints & spam traps, etc. The email marketer feels they are losing out on valid subscribers if they use double opt-in since a certain percentage won't ever click the confirmation button. So the battle rages on...

7-Email-Deliverability-MythsWhen it comes to email marketing, email deliverability in particular, there is a lot of misinformation floating around out there. We are going to debunk 7 Email Deliverability Myths for you.  If you believe any of these are true then you MUST watch this video and let us tell you the real truth!

boost email campaign conversionsEmail marketing remains one of the most cost effective and profitable marketing channels out there, but everyone is doing it! So how do you get your email campaign to actually convert and earn you a profit? By following these 7 steps.

how complaint impact your email programThe ideal complaint rate is .1%. That means only 1 in 1,000 people can report your message as spam. And if the percentage of people that open your emails and report spam is high, even if you sent a 100,000 emails, it will still reflect negatively on your reputation. Luckily there are really easy steps to reduce your complaints.

role of email contentThe content of your message is a primary factor in deliverability. Things that could be impacting this are the links in your email message, the number of links in your message, the overall content, and the HTML content and formatting. Try tweaking your message a little bit each time until it gets to the inbox. Remember, different ISPs take into account the quality of the “mailboxes” as well as the data going into it.

email inbox No matter how clean your email program is, you can almost guarantee that your message will occasionally wind up in the spam folder. If you don’t want to go through the trouble of trying to figure everything out on your own, you can always order a troubleshooting diagnostic test from us and we will figure out the problems for you..

product launch marketing Affiliate email marketing is probably most common when it comes to product launches. Although product launches are EXTREMELY popular, they are beginning to cause a lot of problems with deliverability and inbox placement. Make sure you watch your metrics closely while using affiliate email marketing, in particular when you are participating in a product launch.

5-reasons-not-to-buy-an-email-list-videoIt might sound great to be able to buy a list on tens of thousands of emails right? Wrong. Not only can it be costly, but it can damage your reputation as well. Sending to people that aren’t expecting will increase your complaints. There might not be an “easy” way to list build, but doing it organically and over time will be worth it.

why is my email goint to spamEmail messages can end up in the spam folder because of infrastructure issues, sender reputation, and content. Spam filtering is also a big piece of the puzzle. To fix the problem it may take only fixing one thing, or you might have to modify a lot.

Email-Deliverability-Best-Practices-videoEmail Deliverability has 3 key aspects, which are your email reputation, your email list, and your overall  marketing/messaging. This video shows how you could ensure a positive email reputation, obtain and manage your email list, and how you could facilitate your overall marketing through quality content and messaging.

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