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Microsoft SmartScreen Filter

Microsoft SmartScreen Filter

We get a lot of questions that come in about Microsoft and their inboxing technology, "Microsoft SmartScreen Filter".

This is a proprietary filter that Microsoft uses to look at how users interact with their mail.

Like most providers, this includes things like marking as spam, marking as NOT spam, deleting without reading, and general interaction. But it also includes something unique, which is their "panel data".

Microsoft invites users from all of their systems to be apart of the panel. Once someone agrees, some of their mail is presented in a separate window and they are asked whether the message is spam or not. These panelists are chosen at random. In other words, you can't go apply to mark all of your business email as NOT SPAM ;-).

Panelists are also ONLY asked about email that is sent to them. Remember... "spam" is not necessarily just mail sent without permission. It's mail that they don't want or find too "spammy" in content, frequency, etc.

So, if you're seeing a SmartSceen flag, then recipients are directly telling Microsoft they don't like your mail. And getting out of this Microsoft "doghouse," if you will, is very difficult once you find yourself there.

Like with most deliverability issues, the first step is to backup and start with your most engaged subscribers and then slowly add back subscribers until you see a dip. IP and domain issues are relatively easy to solve. But when it comes to overall reputation, it gets a lot more difficult and simply changing providers or "starting over" isn't likely going to solve the problem. It's only a matter of time before the ISPs see the same content, same sender, etc. and you're back to square one.


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