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In the past, it was enough to pay attention to only the IP reputation. However, as spammers got more sophisticated, ISPs had to get more sophisticated to determine what messages their customers actually WANT to receive.

So, in addition to IP reputation, ISPs are paying more and more attention to the sending domain. As a result, it’s become more important to monitor your sending domain regularly and to protect the reputation with the same level as you would your IP address.

The Email Delivered Domain Monitor scans your sending domain daily to ensure that your sending domain is not on any blacklists that could impact your deliverability.

At Email Delivered, we often recommend using a dedicated domain for sending email so that you have more control over the reputation and can monitor it more closely.

  • The Email Delivered™ Domain Monitor scans your dedicated sending domain daily and alerts you of any blacklists your domain may be on.
  • As soon as you setup your account, Email Delivered™ will run an initial scan of your domain to verify there are no underlying problems before you get going.
  • Your sending domain is scanned once daily, and if there’s ever a change, you’re immediately notified so you can take corrective action.
  • If your sending domain does end up on a major blacklist, Email Delivered will notify you and take the necessary action on your behalf to resolve the problem (or notify you of the problem / solution if it is something we are unable to resolve).

NOTE: You can use the Email Delivered Spam Checker to confirm that other domains in your messages are not on any major blacklists prior to sending your email campaigns.

To start using the Email Delivered Domain Monitor, click here.

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