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How We’re Different?

Email Delivered is the solution that more and more marketers are going with due to the fact you have total control over your email marketing, but without having to have the technical staff on hand to handle all of the moving parts.

There is no other service quite like Email Delivered on the market.

There are SMTP relay services... Email deliverability consultants... and all-in-one ESPs, but none that give you total control AND provide you with the right information that you need to be successful.

But before we explain how Email Delivered is different and why it just might be the right solution for you, let’s first take a moment to talk about what Email Delivered is NOT!

Email Delivered is NOT an email service provider. In other words, Email Delivered does not actually send your email messages. We get between you and the ISPs to resolve any issues before they turn into big problems.

And while ESPs WILL work to resolve problems with the IP addresses they control, you are sharing the resources with 100s, possibly 1000s, of other senders who may or may not have great list practices. This can cause reputation problems for YOU, which translates into your emails winding up in the junk folder or, worse, getting blocked altogether.

Because of this, ESPs are super strict on what they will or will not allow you to do when it comes to your email marketing, even if YOU aren’t part of the problem!

Your email marketing is only as good as the worst sender in your pool.

Email Delivered helps you establish - and maintain - your OWN reputation by setting you up with your own IP Address(es). And then we monitor that for you on a daily basis so you know EXACTLY what’s going on with your reputation at all times (and if/when issues arise, they are resolved quickly on your behalf).

NOTE: We do have several SMTP providers that can recommend if you need resources for dedicated IPs and/or an SMTP relay service.

Email Delivered is also NOT an email client. We integrate with many “self hosted” email clients such as Interspire Email Marketer, Active Campaign (Self-Hosted), arpReach, in-house solutions, and virtually any email client that you are able to install on your own server.

Email Delivered gives you the control over your OWN IP addresses and handles the management of your overall email reputation including your sending IP address(es) and your sending domain.

At any given time, you can login to the Email Delivered portal to see exactly what’s going on with your email reputation.

Instead of calling your email service provider and telling them “I’m having trouble with my emails getting to the inbox” and getting a standard answer like “It’s probably content, there’s nothing we can do to help you”, with Email Delivered, you’ll be able to find out EXACTLY what happened (and how to correct it).

How EmailDelivered Works