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Feedback Loops

Feedback Loops (FBL), also known as “complaint feedback loops”, are essentially just a notification from an ISP or mailbox provider that one of their customers has clicked the “spam” button.

They may have done so because it’s simple, and often faster than digging through email messages to find the hidden unsubscribe link (or the unsubscribe process is too much of a hassle and they simply want off the list).

Feedback loops are one of the primary ways subscribers can report spam. Whether and how to provide a FBL is a choice of the mailbox provider.

All Email Delivered accounts include standard feedback loop setup. If you are using an email client that we support, we will also provide you with a script to remove subscribers from your list automatically.

NOTE: If you are using a custom email client or one that is not currently supported by Email Delivered, someone on your staff will need to manually remove complaints from your list on a daily basis.

The feedback loops that we currently apply for include:

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