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Email Blacklist Monitoring

Email Blacklist monitoring ensures that your email server is always being scanned to prevent deliverability problems before they occur.

If your email server ever gets blacklisted, your email campaigns will run into problems such as getting filtered to the junk folder or, worse, getting blocked entirely...

Email Delivered monitors Email Blacklists in 2 ways...

  1. We monitor your IP address(es) across all of the major DNS-based blacklists, also known as “Realtime Blacklists” (RBLs or DNSBLs)
  2. We also monitor your sending domain (i.e. the domain from which your email messages are being sent).

If either the sending IP(s) or your sending domain end up on a blacklist, our team works to help resolve the underlying problem and get your mail server “delisted” and back on track as quickly as possible.

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