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IP Reputation Monitor

If your IP reputation is bad, the rest of your email deliverability efforts are a waste of time and resources! Your emails WON’T get delivered if you don’t fix your IP reputation first. PERIOD!

NOTE: This is one of the biggest reasons emails get blocked from ISPs.

The Email Delivered IP Reputation Monitor scans your sending IP(s) across hundreds of blacklists daily to ensure that your IPs are not on any blacklists that could impact your deliverability. We focus specifically on the health of your IP for email deliverability.

In addition to any blacklists that your IP address may be on, Email Delivered also verifies that your PTR records (Reverse DNS) is setup, abuse contacts are correct, and more.

This is your first line of defense when it comes to deliverability. If the health of your IP address is not in good working order, then the rest of your email strategy is ineffective.

  • The Email Delivered™ IP Reputation Monitor provides you with a detailed report on the health of your IP address in terms of email deliverability.
  • The Email Delivered™ IP Reputation Monitor ONLY looks at factors that affect your email deliverability.
  • As soon as you set up your account, Email Delivered™ will run an initial scan of your IP address and notify you of any immediate fixes, changes or issues that need to be made. With most accounts, we’ll be able to quickly take care of these issues for you.
  • Your IP address is scanned once daily, and if there’s ever a change, you’re immediately notified so you can take corrective action.
  • If your IP does end up on a major blacklist, Email Delivered will notify you and take the necessary action on your behalf to resolve the problem (or notify you of the problem / solution if it is something we are unable to resolve)

NOTE: 98% of all new accounts have 3 simple IP fixes that can instantly improve deliverability rates.

To learn more about how Email Delivered can help manage your IP reputation, click here.

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