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What Is Email Delivered?

Email Delivered is your virtual “email delivery administrator” to help you improve email delivery rates immediately.

We work with your email server set up quickly - and correctly - so that you can run your own email program, without worrying about the extensive rules and restrictions that most ESPs impose these days.

We take you through each of the 3 phases for maximum success:

  1. Setting Up Your Email Infrastructure for Max Email Delivery
  2. Warming Up Your IPs for Email Delivery
  3. Ongoing Email Deliverability Management

Setting Up Your Email Infrastructure for Max Email Delivery
Setup generally takes 2-3 business days (sometimes faster) and includes building the foundation for everything move forward. This includes:

  • Confirming the current reputation of your IP and sending domain.
  • Implementing proper authentication (SPF, SenderID, DKIM/domainkeys, DMARC, etc.).
  • Optional SMTP integration
  • Multiple IPs (depending on your package)
  • Setting up feedback loops with all of the ISPs that use them
  • IP whitelisting with ISPs that offer the program
  • Installation of your email software (separate license fees apply)

NOTE: We do offer all-in-one solutions that include email software, your SMTP relay, hosting, and Email Delivered service.

Warming Up Your IPs for Long Term Email Delivery
Once everything is set up, it’s time to begin your “warm up”. The reason it’s important to warm up your IP address(es) is because, in many cases, this will be the first time that an ISP has any interaction with you as a bulk mailer.

We work with you to design a simple, custom, warm up plan based on: (1) List size, (2) Number of IP addresses, (3) SMTP relay provider, and (4) frequency of email campaigns.

Ongoing Email Deliverability Management
Once everything is set up, you’re good to go!

Our team physically reviews each and every account daily for any potential problems with your IP address(es) or your sending domain.

When we find a problem, we notify you immediately and then work, on your behalf, with the ISPs to resolve it as quickly as possible. (Generally this happens within 24-48 hours). Then, send you another email letting you know that the problem has been resolved.

You’ll also receive a weekly email delivery report that includes your current email reputation, any issues that caused a problem with your IP from the previous week, and a list of email addresses that we recommend removing from your list (this will keep your list as clean as possible). It’s as simple as “highlight-copy-paste”.

This way, you know exactly what’s going on with your email at all times and are never left guessing at whether or not your email delivery rates are good.

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