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Email Marketing, Seed Lists, Inboxing and Open Rates

Seed Lists, Inboxing and Open Rates

This week, we're going to briefly touch on seed lists, inboxing and open rates and how to keep your open rates as high as possible.

First things first, let's talk about seed lists... (more…)

Useful Gmail Tips

Useful Gmail Tips

Gmail continues to be one of the most popular email services, behind only the iPhone. This means that LOTS of your subscribers are using Gmail (and there's a good chance that you are as well!) (more…)

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Why Changing Your IPs and Domain Is Not the Answer

In recent months, many of the ISPs have clamped down on their filtering.

As a result, more emails are going to the spam folders across the board. As such, we've had clients contact us requesting help with regard to inbox placement and getting out of the spam folder.

First things first,