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Feedback Loop Basics

Feedback Loop

A feedback loop is nothing more than a way for the ISPs to let you know who is clicking the "spam" button in their email client. In other words, instead of clicking the unsubscribe link, your subscribers are clicking spam instead.

This may be due to a couple of things including...

  1. Complicated unsubscribe process (buried too far into the message or mixed in with lots of other links to confuse subscribers, requiring subscribers to re-enter their email address to be removed, etc.)
  2. Lazy! Let's face it... everyone knows where that spam button is.. It's easy to find and pretty reliable for keeping the inbox clean :)
  3. A missing (or broken) unsubscribe link...

The question isn't "if" people are going to click the spam button. It's when! (and how many of them are going to do so)!

This is where "feedback loops" come into play.

Most of the major ISPs want to work with you in order to keep their subscribers (and yours) happy! They want to be able to notify you when people complain so that you can take them OFF of your list and continue to mail to only those who WANT to receive your messages.

If you continue to mail to the addresses of people that click the spam button, many of the ISPs will start putting more and more of your emails into the junk folder, even for those subscribers who have NOT clicked the spam button.

So, here's how the process works in a nutshell:

  1. Sign up for feedback loops with all of the major ISPs (For a list of the ISPs that offer feedback loops, and direct links to access them, visit http://emaildelivered.com/feedback-loops/).
  2. Check the complaints daily (Complaints will generally be sent to an email address that you will either need to manually manage OR script to process complaints).
  3. Remove the complainers from your list.

TIP: I would recommend putting anyone that complains on the suppression file so that they can't inadvertently get another message from you now or in the future. This also keeps them from being able to opt back in and complain yet again.

What to do with the information...

While the primary purpose of feedback loops is to get the complainers OFF of your list, there is another "side benefit" which is that you are now able to find out what types of messages, and which messages in particular, are causing people to complain the most.

This allows you to take in the feedback and modify your marketing to better appeal to your audience and minimize complaints long term!

Author: Heather Seitz

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