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Q. Will EmailDelivered work with my current email service?

A. Email Delivered can work with virtually any self-hosted email solution, off-the-shelf or custom built solution. However, we cannot work with your email service provider or if you are using a shared IP address to send email.

Q. Do you offer a free trial?

A. Unfortunately, due to extensive upfront work such as server and account setup requirements (feedback loop setup, authentication setup, etc.), we are unable to offer a free trial. With that in mind, there are no long-term contracts and you can cancel the service at any time. All we require is a 30 day notice of cancellation.

Q. When will I begin seeing results?

A. The type of results, and the speed at which you will begin seeing results, depends on your current email situation. We have had some clients that move over from other solutions and seen dramatic results immediately (one such client had a 41% increase in open rates and a 74% increase in clickthroughs.

However, if you are currently running your own server, the results will vary depending upon a number of factors including: whether or not you have been setup properly with things such as feedback loops, authentication in your headers, etc. It also depends on the overall reputation of your IP address, list hygiene, complaint rates, etc. In other words, how good/bad was your email program before we were hired to work with you will determine how long it will take for us to fix problems and turn things around.

Q. What other costs are associated with EmailDelivered?

A. The only other costs you’ll incur are your email software (this is generally a one time fee) and any hosting fees. These can range from $50 to $500 depending on your requirements.

Contact us today for a customized quote/solution.

Q. What is the process to get setup?

A. Getting started with Email Delivered is quick and easy. There are 3 main components to Email Delivered:

(1) A dedicated or virtual server with a dedicated IP address for email. If you already have a dedicated IP, you are good to go to the next step. If you need help selecting a hosting provider or would like more information on our partner hosting providers, please contact us.

(2) Sign up for your Email Delivered account. Once you have registered, we’ll need to collect some account information from you regarding contact information, list practices, access to your server, if applicable, etc.

(3) Purchase your email software. Generally this is a one time fee and the software you select will depend on your particular needs in terms of performance as well as functionality. For a list of email clients that we have worked with, click here.