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Q. Can I get IP addresses from you?

A. We do have a sister company that offers SMTP relay services for our customers. However, we do not provide/rent IP addresses for non-customers due to the fact that EmailDelivered needs to verify that any senders in our network are high quality senders, not sending spam, and adhere to email best practices.

Q. Do I need a dedicated server to use your solution?

A. You will need a dedicated IP in order to work with EmailDelivered. Depending on your list size, you may be able to use a cloud server or VPS server. The key is that you need to have your own IP to send mail from.

NOTE: A dedicated IP for your domain is not the same thing as a dedicated IP for email. You’ll want to verify that your hosting provider is providing you with a dedicated IP for sending email.

Q. Do you offer support?

A. Yes, we have online support that is answered by our team of deliverability consultants and experts daily. For all support inquiries, you can visit http://support.emaildelivered.com.

Q. Can you guarantee that my emails will hit the inbox?

A. There are no guarantees that your email will hit the inbox with any provider. Anybody that makes this claim is simply not telling the truth. There are a number of reasons your messages may not make the inbox including: authentication, high spam complaints, engagement rates, message content, and more.

What we can guarantee is that you’ll be in the best position to get your emails to the inbox when you have full control over your IPs. And you’ll be able to troubleshoot problems much more easily by narrowing down problems and correcting them. Often it’s as simple as identifying a domain in your messages that’s causing problems or the overall message content.

If you’re using a 3rd party email provider (ESP), you’ve got a number of variable over which you have no control (i.e. other domains sending out of those IPs, the reputation impact that other senders are having on your emails, etc.).

Q. How are you different from my current “email service provider”?

A. An email service provider has a “pool” of IP addresses that all of their customers “share”. This means that you’re only as good as the worst person in your pool. So, if someone has high complaints, a lot of bad addresses, or causes problems with the IP addresses, you’re impacted negatively.

In addition, the ESPs are extremely strict when it comes to spam complaints, engagement rates, etc. When you’re sending through IPs dedicated only to you, with EmailDelivered monitoring your reputation, you’re only impacted by reaching the ISP thresholds, which are often quite a bit higher than your ESP.