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ip address

What Is An IP Address?

Much like every house in a neighborhood has a number, every computer connected to the Internet has an IP (Internet Protocol) address.

When a computer initiates a connection to another computer, that connection is known to “originate from this IP address,” and the system on the other end may choose Read more...

list building strategies

3 List Building Strategies You Should Avoid at All Costs

There is no substitute to properly building your list, but there are lots of list building strategies. This translates into higher deliverability, which ultimately means MORE MONEY in your pocket and a bigger bottom line.

Unfortunately, in efforts to build a list quickly, many business owners and marketers will often Read more...

email marketing metrics

Email Marketing Metrics

When it comes to evaluating the effectiveness of an email campaign, there are 3 key metrics to look at:

  1. Deliverability
  2. Open Rate
  3. Click-Through Rate

Though there are other metrics we can look at, by getting started with these, you’ll be able to start judging the effectiveness of your campaigns quickly.

Email Marketing

url block can affect your email deliverability

URL Blocks Can Affect Your Email Deliverability

In this day and age, it seems like there’s a new product launch or promotion going every day. Certainly, these product launches can generate a significant, quick, income for both the product owner as well as the affiliate marketer.

However, there is a major issue with these product launches that Read more...

what to do if your email gets blocked

What to Do If Your Email Gets Blocked

Depending on the reason WHY your email is being blocked, there are several things you can do to resolve the issue.

These include:

  • A URL in the email message is on a blacklist;
  • The message has been blocked for content-related issues; and
  • The IP address is blocked.

(For more information on

getting your emails opened

Getting Your Emails Opened

One of the primary email marketing metrics that business owners need to track is the open rate (getting your emails opened).

Getting your emails opened is the first indication as to whether or not prospects are engaged in your email marketing campaigns. It's also impacting overall inbox deliverability as many Read more...

email autoresponder

What Is An Email Autoresponder?

There are generally two kinds of autoresponders that most people are familiar with.

The first one is kind of like a "vacation autoresponder" that says "I am out of the office until next Monday. Please contact my assistant if you need to speak with somebody before then". Read more...

email blocked

Why Is My Email Blocked?

Why is my email blocked? This is an area where a lot of folks are really confused, and it's through no fault of their own!

There are three types of blocks; three reasons that your emails might not be getting through to your prospects.

  • IP address related issues;


double optin vs. single optin

Double Optin vs. Single Optin

Let's talk about what an "opt in" itself actually is.

An "opt in" is nothing more than a prospect raising his or her hand virtually and saying that he or she has some level of interest in the product or service that you have or, at the very least, in Read more...