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email deliverability best practices

Email Deliverability Best Practices

Email deliverability is a big issue for any business owner or online marketer who is using email as a marketing channel.

It’s important to understand “email deliverability” in context of the other email marketing metrics.

Email deliverability is the first line of defense when it comes to getting your subscribers to Read more...

Spam Cop

What Is Spam Cop?

Spam cop is a 3rd party “spam reporting” service operated by IronPort systems.

In order to understand Spam Cop, you need to understand how it actually works and why it’s causing your email messages to get blocked.

At the very heart of the Spam Cop system is a sophisticated “parser” which Read more...

email copy

Don’t Use Gimmicky Email Copy

At some point, a decade ago, there were lots of “gimmicks” that online marketers tried to use to get their messages through the spam filters.

But, as time has passed, these filters have gotten more sophisticated and accurate, so such trickery will not only NOT help you get past the Read more...

how to buy an e-mail list

How to Buy An Email List

First and foremost, it’s important to understand that, generally speaking, buying a list, can cause you a lot of problems and may actually not be allowed under the terms of service provided by your email provider (if you’re using a 3rd party email service) or by your hosting company Read more...

double opt-in

How to Get People to Double Opt-In

Naturally, the question comes up: “What Should I Do If Somebody Doesn’t Complete the 2nd Step In A Double OptIn?”

First things first… double opt-in is not a can-spam requirement, though it may be a requirement of 3rd party email providers. So, whether you’re doing it by choice using your Read more...

email optin: single vs. double

Email Opt-In: Double Optin vs Single Opt-In

With a single email opt-in, you have no guarantee that the email is valid or that the person whose email address you’ve gotten has actually requested communication from you!

The way to combat this is by using a “double opt-in” process.

How this works is when the user enters his/her name Read more...

Run a Spam check

How to Run A Spam Check (Before Sending Your Email)

There are many tools to help you evaluate your own emails for their likelihood of ending up in the junk folder. The best way is to run a spam check.

Most free email accounts nowadays have relatively accurate content filters, which rarely result in false positives - the term used Read more...


What Is SORBS?

SORBS, founded by an Australian named Matthew Sullivan, stands for Spam and Open-Relay Blocking System.

At one point in our Internet's young past, open relays were a huge problem.

An open relay is simply an email server, which allows anybody in the world to connect to, and send email through.

The problem with this

spam folder

Is Your Email Landing In the Spam Folder?

There are essentially 3 places your email messages are going:

  1. The Inbox (Naturally this is the intended goal, but not always the case unfortunately).
  2. The Spam Folder (This is getting harder and harder to control due to changing rules with the email services)
  3. Missing Somewhere in Cyberspace (According to Returnpath, 16% of Read more...