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Politcs and Email

Politics and Email: It’s About to Get Ugly(er)

Regardless of your political affiliation, we can all agree that it’s the hot topic of the day (and the next 6 months!)

Did you know political messages are protected under the First Amendment? So get ready for both parties to exercise free speech right into your email box as well Read more...


Email vs Social Media (Again)!

Every few months, there's someone saying that "Email is Dying" and that "Social Media is Taking Over"... and as we've been predicting for the last 7-8 years, Email is not going anywhere.

HOWEVER, social media does play a role in digital marketing and needs to work in conjunction with your Read more...


Email Marketing vs Social Media

There is a heated debate inside marketing circles right now about whether email marketing (EM) or social media marketing (SMM) is a better option when it comes to focusing your marketing efforts.  Recent research suggests that the question in and of itself may be steering you in the wrong Read more...