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f you’ve been marketing products and services online for any time, you already realize that deliverability is everything when it comes to email marketing. Until now, there has not been a viable option for small business owners to REALLY have control over their email campaigns. They’ve been dependent on 3rd party providers to monitor, manage and maintain their reputation. This comes with a steep price!

Promote EmailDelivered, Earn Recurring Commissions

moneyWe are pleased to announce our EmailDelivered.com Partner Program to reward our existing customers or strategic partners
When you become an Email Delivered marketing partner, you’ll earn 15% for every active subscription you refer.
The EmailDelivered Partner Program allows you to offer a service to your existing customers, coaching students, and clients that nobody else is offering! The stick rate with our customers is one of the highest in the industry because of our unique service. It’s based on proprietary technology built from the ground up by an email administrator and a marketer and is used by both online business owners and local businesses looking to expand their marketing to email.

What Is the EmailDelivered Partner Program?

The EmailDelivered Partner Program is our referral marketing opportunity for people that are recommending our products and services. Since email marketing and deliverability are at the heart of any online business, it couldn’t be easier to refer business owners to EmailDelivered. We have a series of ongoing training programs, resources, whitepapers and guides that we provide to educate people on email marketing. Our belief is that through education, we can increase the conversion on the referrals you send over… AND reduce the attrition rate.

How Does the EmailDelivered Partner Program Work?

All existing customers are eligible to become a marketing partner. All you need to do is register. When you register as a marketing partner, we’ll provide you with a unique affiliate ID. You’ll receive bi-weekly updates with marketing materials including, but not limited to, banner ads, articles, branded ebooks and whitepapers. This will give you an opportunity to post relevant content on your blogs, publish articles in your newsletters, and add value to our customers and prospects. You’ll have exclusive access to our affiliate tool center including all tools, trainings and promotion ideas.
When someone clicks through one of your links to our EmailDelivered.com site, you’ll earn 15% as long as they’re an active member. We mail you a check on the last day of the month following the billing so you get paid month after month, like clockwork…

How Much Will I Make?

We can’t tell you how much YOU will make because this is dependent upon how many people you sign up, how long they stay on the system, etc.
However, as an illustration... if you had 10 people sign up for the Gold plan, you’d receive $134.85 PER signup (that’s a total of $1348.50 each month for as long as they’re a paying customer). That’s $16,182 per YEAR.

Will You Provide Marketing Tools?

Absolutely! The foundation for EmailDelivered is education-based marketing… And to increase the number of referrals that convert to customers, it’s important to educate them on the facts marketing(plus, it helps you look like the hero since there’s so much MISinformation when it comes to email marketing). Some of the tools you’ll receive include:

  • Banner ads: We provide you with a variety of banner ads in all the standard sizes so you can use them in a number of spots on your site.
  • Articles, Blog Posts, & Ezine Ads: We’ll give you access to new articles and blog posts you can use each month to update your blog or website with important information for your customers and prospects.
  • Videos & Webinars: You’ll get invitations to send out for upcoming webinars and videos you can put on your site that will be cookied with your affiliate link
  • Partner Newsletter: Each month, you’ll get our affiliate training newsletter with tips and tools to help you succeed as an affilaite and increase your monthly commissions as well as additional resources, training tools, and more.

You’ll also get:

  • Order Notifications: Every time someone through your affilaite link, you’ll be notified that you’ve made a sale!
  • Visitor/Sales Stats: You’ll find out how many people clicked your links, signed in for trainings, etc.

How Do I Sign Up?

Once you have set up your own account, simply contact us to set you up in the Partner Program. If you are a B2B service provider and have multiple referrals, but are NOT an existing customer, please contact us directly at http://support.emaildelivered.com to speak with one of our marketing directors about Partner Program options for vendors.

Note: We do not allow “self” referrals. In other words, if you’re subscribing to the service yourself, you can’t become an affiliate in order to receive the discount.

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