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Q. Does your service handle all of my companies and/or domains?

A. EmailDelivered monitors one sending domain (i.e. where the email software is installed) and the number of IPs associated with the corresponding package. Generally, if you have separate companies, you’ll want to keep them separate in order to keep the reputation of each company separate and not run the risk of one company impacting another adversely. We offer discounts on additional packages.

NOTE: You can send from as many “from” addresses as you’d like. We’ll provide you the SPF records that you’ll want to add to each “from” domain.

Q. What kind of email metrics do you provide?

A. EmailDelivered is designed to assist you with establishing and maintaining your email deliverability reputation. Simply put - we help you get your emails delivered!

The EmailDelivered service retrieves all of your email bounce messages, filters them, and organizes them accordingly. We then take action on any issues that may arise. Most email software can provide basic deliverability, open rate, and click through rate statistics as well as other types of reporting provided that you select a software package that has this capability.

As a result, we display important information related to your IP address, sending domain and overall deliverability. Generally, your email client will provide metrics on things such as email opens, clicks, etc.

Q. Can you help us get our customer service emails delivered?

A. If your customer service emails are being sent through the same IP addresses as your main email, then you will see an improvement in email deliverability for customer support. If you are using a separate IP address or a 3rd party service, then we generally do not have access to the information necessary in gathering the deliverability data on the messages.

Q. What additional software do I need to make it work?

A. There are 3 components to the EmailDelivered system. (1) Dedicated IP address, (2) Email Client (either off the shelf or a custom in-house solution), and (3) Reputation Monitoring. EmailDelivered takes care of “#3”. We can provide you with resources for dedicated IP addresses as well as email clients. We will also take care of all the setup and the install.

Q. Can I just start over with a new IP address and domain name if I damage my reputation.

A. We do not recommend this because reputation is built over time. The goal is to run your email program properly and to repair any damage that has been created. (Think of your IP as your credit score. If you damage your credit, you’ll need to repair it. You can’t just go out and get a new social security number). New IP addresses and/or new domains are treated as a brand new account setup and a full setup fee is required. In addition, if you are sending using one of our partner companies’ IP resources, you will not be able to get a new set of IPs automatically. You may be required to set up hosting elsewhere in order to do so as we protect the reputation of our entire range for all customers.