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Hi, Heather Seitz here and I wanted to congratulate you on securing your spot on my "What's Really Working Now in Email Marketing" special private training.

You should have a confirmation email in your inbox in about 10 - 15 minutes with your webinar details and instructions on how to join us on the training.

Until then, I'd like to show you how to get the most out of this private training so you can dramatically improve your email marketing results.

Grab a pen and paper and write down the key
takeaways you're going to discover...

  • What REALLY works in email is ALWAYS changing. You're going to learn how to stay ahead of the curve and keep your campaigns pulling in steady profits while everyone else foolishly says 'email is dead'... The secret is to base your campaigns on tried and true principles and quickly and easily tweak to keep up with the latest changes. It's easier than you think...
  • We work with clients who generate as much as 6 to 8 figures a year from email campaigns. We know what works and we’ll take you behind the scenes to look at the proven strategies and tactics that they use to boost conversions and maximize engagement. The fact is, these businesses live or die by their email campaigns and you can learn their biggest secrets. Trust me, this is a world apart from the hyped up strategies that come and go inside the internet marketing world.
  • You'll finally know how to avoid the deadly hidden mistakes than can crush your conversions - and how a few simple tweaks boosted our profits by 560% when we figured this out - in Less than 30 Days! This may be the most important part of this private training because before we learned these lessons, we almost lost our successful information business when our conversions plummeted without warning. Be prepared to take notes...

Now, you'll learn all that and much, much more on our private webinar training... but there's something else that you need to know...

How to get the most out of your mail marketing campaigns requires a proven system. Are your campaigns built on a proven blueprint that is designed to convert subscribers into buyers?
Too often we find when a client approaches us with problems in their campaigns that their email marketing process is missing many critical pieces. The first step to consistent profitability is to put a proven blueprint in place.

This blueprint goes in depth and really shows you the nitty gritty of how to set up your email campaigns.

Inside Email Marketing Mastery I'll give you the exact blueprint so you can make sure you have all the pieces in place.

Everything is revealed in step by step fashion so you can quickly and easily apply proven templates for...

Opt-in Offers & Landing Pages, including my Top 5 converting "types" of opt-in offers. You'll learn how to create "irresistible" lead magnets to build a responsive list.

You'll discover the opt-in form copy secrets we use in our own business and the landing page elements you must test if you want to maximize your conversions.

Then, I'll show you exactly how to set up your autoresponders and my 10 Day marketing messaging sequence to condition your list to take action.

So many marketers get this wrong and then suffer with unresponsive lists who won't buy anything. Do this right up front and you'll build profitable lists easily.

There is so much more in this course than I can cover right now... Including how to get subscribers, the secrets of relationship building and product launches – as well as proven video marketing sequences that grab attention and boost conversions.

As you know, email campaigns depend on your ability to create compelling promotions that get conversions.

Too many marketers leave this part to chance and slap together some copy and mail it out. This is a big mistake. The good news is that you don’t have to depend on guesswork or suffer through trial and error.

I've perfected a specific step-by-step process that is proven to get subscribers to take action.

And, I'll show you how to RE-release the Same Product to the Same List Every 90 Days for evergreen profits!

So I'd like to help you with that too and that's why I'd like to make a very special offer today.

I'd like to get you access today to my Email Marketing Mastery Course. This comprehensive course will give you a proven blueprint so that you can take full advantage of what you learn on our private webinar.

The fact is, proven email formulas get results EVERY TIME!

You'll get my proprietary formula for promoting webinars and virtual Events - again, most marketers get this wrong and it hurts their income badly. It all comes down to using proven sequences to generate maximum response.

Whether you want to promote your own products for a steady stream of sales - or if you want to consistently see your name at the top of the product launch leaderboards, these proven email sequences get the job done like clockwork.

Like I said, there is way too much in this course for me to list here.

I hold nothing back.

I'll share 9 subject lines that get your emails opened. And, I'll reveal my secrets to helping your email stand out in your subscribers' inbox so that YOUR email gets opened first.
You'll learn our in-house secrets to creating killer offers that compel subscribers to click through and buy.

Inside my Email Marketing Mastery course you'll discover advanced strategies that I've learned from 10 years online running my own businesses, as well as behind the scenes intel I've gained from some of the most successful marketers online today.

And you can get instant access right now because Email Marketing Mastery is delivered in a private online member's area.

You could easily expect to pay $997 or more for a comprehensive course like this. If I could have bought this blueprint years ago when I got started, I'd have happily paid far

Normally, Email Marketing Mastery is $297
and it's not available anywhere right now to the public.

But if you click the button below you can
claim your copy for a special $97 offer today only.

My hope is that you take what you learn from this exclusive blueprint and apply it to build a thriving and profitable business using the power of email marketing.

Click the buy button below to claim your Email Marketing Mastery Course for only $97.
Of course, I want to make sure you know that your 100% satisfaction is assured. If you don't think that this course is the best thing you've ever seen on email marketing, just request a refund within 30 days and my team will refund your money.

I know how much having a proven blueprint for your entire email marketing will help your business - I developed this same blueprint for my own businesses and it's reliably generated sales for me in different niches for 10 years.

So, click the buy button below to grab it now for only $97 and I'll see you on the inside.


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I want to thank you for taking the time to read this letter and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Heather Seitz

P.S. In case you skimmed to the end of this letter, let me recap what you're getting...
I'm offering you a FREE copy of my brand new book, "The Experts Guide to Email Marketing".

The book is totally FREE.
There is no commitment of any kind.
No hidden continuity program or anything like that.
All I'm asking is that you cover $7.98 for shipping.

Getting your hands on this new book is an exclusive opportunity to discover the behind the scenes strategies and tactics of some of the most successful email marketers who we work with on a daily basis in the trenches.

What's REALLY Working in Email Marketing NOW.

This exclusive information is derived directly from over a decade of my own experience in online marketing, combined with the priceless real world intel gained from mailing hundreds of millions of emails a month for 6-8 figure businesses that live or die from their email marketing campaigns.

This is a strictly limited offer because I only have 424 remaining copies of my new book on hand for this marketing test.

And if you don't like the book for any reason, just let me know and you can get your $7.98 shipping refunded.

You can even keep the book and attend the private webinar training, too. Sound fair?
Click here to claim your copy now. You'll be glad you did.

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