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Test, Test, Test! Your Opt-in

Test, Test, Test!

I was sitting in line the other day and scrolling through Facebook and came across an ad that was interesting to me. So I clicked the button to get more information.

It made me sign up with a bunch of info (not a fan of this as a first step... Read more...

Staying (and Getting) Out of the Spam Folder (Part 1 of 3)

Staying (and Getting) Out of the Spam Folder (Part 1 of 3)

Over the next 3 weeks, we're going to be discussing how to stay out of the spam folder (and get out if you've found your way there)

1. List Building 101

This should go without saying, but DO NOT use co-reg strategies... Do NOT scrape the Internet for email addresses... And Read more...

Deliverability Reminders: Email List Cleaning

Deliverability Reminders: Email List Cleaning

We wanted to just revisit some common questions that we get asked about frequently (and it's a good refresher for seasoned marketers).

So... for the next several weeks, we're going to address a different question each week to keep the snippets short, simple and actionable for you! If you have Read more...


List Hygiene

This week, I want to take a quick moment to go over list hygiene and managing your list "the right way".

We get lots of questions asking about deliverability over time, and list hygiene is one of the bigger factors. (more…)

Single Optin vs Double Optin

Email Marketing: Single Opt-in vs. Double Opt-in

It’s kind of like “Which came first? The chicken or the egg?”

Double Opt-in (aka Confirmed Opt-in) vs. Single Opt-in has been the debate for as long as I can remember when it comes to list building and email marketing.

The email service provider always wants the double opt-in for better Read more...