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Build Credibility and Trust with Your Subscriber

How to Build Credibility and Trust with Your Subscriber List

One of the reasons an email marketing campaign can perform badly is a lack of trust and credibility with your subscribers. It’s no secret that skepticism is the default position of many people towards marketers and media in general these days.  It doesn’t help that legitimate email marketers send Read more...


How to Use Email Marketing to Sell Without Being Salesy-Infographic

Selling is just a simple process of saying that you have something to offer, tell your prospect what it can do for them and then tell them how to get it. There’s no need for dirty tricks or high pressure sales tactics when you’ve got a straightforward offer that Read more...


Let Your Subscribers Tell You What They Want-Infographic

When you have your subscriber’s attention, it is in that instance that you want to respond.  Because that is when you know what your subscriber is interested in due to the context of their action. Here are 7 strategies that leverage automated funnels that are triggered by subscriber actions.

Read

et Your Subscribers Tell You What They Want

Let Your Subscribers Tell You What They Want

Does it seem like your email campaigns are a shot in the dark?

If you are guessing at what your subscribers want and getting inconsistent response rates to your promotions, you need to know two things:



How to Standout from All the Other Affiliates with Your Email Marketing-Infographic

Consumers are looking for help in deciding what to buy because they don’t have time to personally check everything and they want opinions they can trust. There is a real niche for the affiliate email marketer who offers value over and above what the competition is doing. Read more...


Email Tips-Part 2

Since the holidays are coming up and everyone is busy, we've decided to dedicate the next several weeks to some quick tips that you can implement into your email program quickly.

This week's tip has to do with Image to Text Ratio...

A common question that comes up with clients is Read more...