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Unknown Addresses

Unknown Addresses

We've talked about the impact of unknown addresses in the past. Unknown addresses can have a big impact on your deliverability, both short and long term.

High numbers of unknown addresses can occur when: (more…)

Email Marketing, Seed Lists, Inboxing and Open Rates

Seed Lists, Inboxing and Open Rates

This week, we're going to briefly touch on seed lists, inboxing and open rates and how to keep your open rates as high as possible.

First things first, let's talk about seed lists... (more…)

Domain Reputation

Domain Reputation

While having a good IP reputation is still important, it's not the ONLY indicator, or even the primary indicator, as to whether or not your email are going to make it to the inbox, or even get delivered at all.

Domains, along with other technologies, are playing more and more Read more...

Volume of Mail vs. IPs

Volume of Mail vs IPs

Lately, we've had questions about IPs and volume and when to increase the number of IPs.

When we work with folks on the setup, we design the plan based on discussed volume, warm up requirements and long term growth expectations. In general, we recommend 1 IP for every 75K - Read more...

Change My IP Address If There is A Problem

Can’t I Just Change My IP Address If There’s A Problem?

Can't I just change my IP address if there's a problem with my email marketing program? That's one question we often get that relates to "IP addresses" if there are issues with delivery or inbox placement.

The solution here is not quite so simple.

While this may have been a viable

Spam Filters

Spam Cop Reporting Service

There are 3 separate components to SpamCop:

1. Reporting Service (End users proactively report you)
2. Mail Service (Providers can subscribe to this service to handle filtering)
3. Block List (These are the blocks you may see in your account that we take action on on your behalf)

Today, we're going