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This powerful, comprehensive, video reveals:
  • The importance of your email “reputation”, how to find your unique email reputation, and how to monitor and maintain your reputation to ensure your emails aren’t getting blacklisted before they get out the door...
  • What to do if you’ve seen a drop in open rates and click through rates (and how to fix it)...
  • Why the “email until they ‘die’ or ‘buy’” philosophy is dangerous and how this tactic is causing harm to your entire email program...
  • 3 critical mistakes to avoid when you’re promoting “affiliate” offers that will guarantee your messages end up in the spam folder (or worse... cause your emails to be blacklisted from the major ISPs)...
  • And much, much more...

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“If Everyone Isn’t Using Your Services, They’re Utter and Complete Morons”

I have been using Email Delivered services for several years now and considering my 100% success or failure in this industry is won or lost by being able to effectively deliver my email content on a very large, continual and manageable scale it must tell you that I demand a lot from the service protecting and nurturing my mail servers.

Heather and her entire team have been one of the best decisions I ever made for this difficult task. The cost has paid for itself over and over and over and… well, you get what I mean.

If everyone isn’t using your services, their utter and complete morons. Thank you so much! You Rock!!!

~ Ryan Deiss

“Open Rates Increased by 41%”

I was an __________ customer and after seeing a presentation by EmailDelivered.com discovered that the sender scores of the OP’s I was on were negatively impacting my deliverability and open rates. I made the switch to EmailDelivered.com, warmed up my server and a few short weeks had achieved and maintained a sender score of 99. I’m Making iit into inboxes I haven’t made it into since 2009!

I did a quick analysis of our open rates on EmailDelivered. vs ________ and found that we have achieved a 41% increase in click throughts. The best part is thta it’s translating into an exponential revenue increase from our email campaigns.

I highly recommend www.EmailDelivered.com.

~ Susan Lassiter-Lyons

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