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You’ve Qualified for your EmailDelivered Deliverability AssessmentTM

In order to get started, we need to collect some additional information

First Name:
Last Name:
Mailing Address:
Mailing City:
Mailing State:
Mailing Zip:
Mailing Country:
Best Phone Number (optional):
Best Email Address:
Primary Website (where you collect optins):
From Email Address (email address you use in your messages):
Your current ESP:
What email software do you use:
Do you have a dedicated IP address?:
        If so, what is it?:
Current List Size:
How often do you send email?:
Monthly volume including autoresponders:
Biggest Problem with Email Right Now: Large text field (multi text field)
Deliverability Assessment is provided at no cost to you.

Please allow 3-5 business days for a complete audit. Your results will be mailed to you with a full report once the assessment is complete.

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