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Will you manage my list for me?

EmailDelivered does not actually manage your list. EmailDelivered is designed to make day-to-day management virtually non-existent. Your account specialist will help you get everything set up in the beginning. Then, we’ll monitor your account on a daily basis to make sure you’re not blocked. All you need to do is check in every 3-4 mailings and remove any new bad addresses.

There are actually 3 options for managing your list.

(1) Depending on the email software you select, you can let the email software handle the management. You control the settings to determine how many hard bounces and how many soft bounces before a record (bounced email address) is removed from your list. Warning: this is not always 100% accurate and is the least preferred method of list management,

(2) Hire a 3rd party company to manage your list. Every 3-4 mailings – or once/week – someone will log in to your EmailDelivered account and remove the bad addresses from your email software, or

(3) Have your email manager or technical support person login to EmailDelivered once/week and remove addresses with multiple bounces. This keeps your list churn to a minimum and keeps your list as clean as possible. When managed in conjunction with feedback loops, you’ll be maintaining an extremely clean email lists, often in the top 1% of all email lists.


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August 23, 2013
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